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Birmingham Marine Corps League

General "Howlin' Mad" Smith Detachment #592

Birmingham, Ala VA Hospital Visitation Squad


Birmingham Marine Corps League

General "Howlin' Mad" Smith detachment #592

Birmingham, Alabama VA hospital visitation squad

December 13, 2016 

For over 25 years EVERY Marine patient in the Birmingham, Alabama Veterans Administration hospital gets a visit each week from Marines of the Birmingham Marine Corps League General "Howlin' Mad" Smith detachment #592.

These Marines and Sailors are registered VA volunteer workers in support of the doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff providing medical care to Veteran patients. This squad exhibits the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis" meaning always faithful, always loyal and able to count on your fellow Marines - while in the Marine Corps and for a lifetime. We also visit with nearby Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guard Veterans. When available, active duty Marines in full dress blues from the Bessemer Navy Reserve Operations Center serve with the squad. 

This volunteer work is valued by the patients because nothing is better than a visit from your service buddies making sure that our Marines, Veterans, and family members are not alone during recovery at the Birmingham VA hospital.

Pictured left to right: Russell Casterlin, Brian Gierlatowicz, Douglas Dunn, Roger Ledbetter, John Birmingham, Roderick Zeigler, Vickie Gavin- VA Patient Advocate, Rufus "Whitey" Glanton, Kelvin Owens- BHM VA Assistant Director, John Whitmire



Marine Corps League Birmingham VA Hospital Visitation Team HANDBOOK



Pictured left to right:  John Hilmer, Wayne Odell, Brian Gierlatowicz, Gene Hopper, John Birmingham, Russell Casterlin, Henry 
Williams, Douglas Dunn, Roger Ledbetter, Wayne Jones, John Whitmire