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The Chaplain's Corner

Chaplain John Burks


Have you ever had someone sacrifice something for you? Some of us in our lives may have experienced and benefited from that sacrifice, but not every one is so fortunate. In this world, self sacrifice is hard to come by. But all of us did have one person who sacrificed his home, his privileges and ultimately his life 2000 years ago, that person is Jesus, whose death, burial and resurrection we are celebrating. This Easter season let us remember the sacrifice of the Savior not just for a few days, but every day.


At our last meeting, I forgot to mention someone in my report. John Charles Goodwin Chapin served in the Air Force from 1949-1972. During the Korean War he was attached to the 1st Marine Division, and was a POW for several months. Two of our members, Wayne Jones and Mary Anne Smith took care of him in his last years. Mr. Chapin passed away on March 19th, and was buried at the National Cemetery. We appreciate his service to our country and to our Marine Corps.