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Marine of the Year 2016


Jack Hopping has served in major Alabama Marine Corps League officer leadership positions. Hopping has received a Letter of Commendation from the Marine Corps Commandant when his tour as AL MCL Commandant ended.

Hopping has shown to be an innovator in the various missions that AL MCL Detachments have undertaken during his tenure in the above noted positions of leadership.

Establishing a status quo, healthy functioning AL MCL, has been maintained due to his accurate issuance of promulgated MCL By-laws that are applicable to action required situations. Acceptance of AL MCL officer leadership by Hopping, has been viewed by Marines as the expected standard rather than him being a practice-type role player.

The leadership trait Hopping displays wholly spreads across the AL MCL. The challenges he has faced have been met "head on, chest out", and forthcoming decisions were insured with utmost assessment of desirable results. He consistently administered decision making that required him to be politician, technical advisor, and most of the time a Humanitarian Ambassador, i.e. establishing Civic Action efforts for Marines suffering from natural catastrophic disasters, utilizing his experience when complicated business procedure was required, easily digests AL MCL fiscal financing facets, budget reporting, recruiting strategies, and implementation of programs enhancing the AL MCL.

Past intra-detachment collaboration on important matters has needed his leadership - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Hands-on leadership roles played by Hopping along with applied representative governing have been observed at National, Sectional, and State Convention by officer leaders. Hopping's procedural correctness is the norm, not some complicated rule study.

Hopping has demonstrated the multi-faceted mission completion capability which guides the AL MCL Detachments to support Marines Helping Marines motto, i.e. scholarship programs, preserve incidents and memories of Marines and corpsman, and perpetuate the spirit and comradeship of AL MCL members.

Distribution of funds is sometimes complicated through member appeasement or speed of action. Many times Hopping has found difficult money distribution to a needy Marine's emergency situation a slow process. He has shown to "not bend the knee" to politicization that sometimes finds funding decisions not properly dealt with. Corrective action by Hopping in these type matters has served to be most acceptable by the Marine rank and file of AL MCL Detachments.

Congratulations Jack for being selected Marine of the Year.