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Associate Marine of the Year 2016

Patti Findley Awarded Associate Marine of the Year by Commandant Danny Rooks

Patti Findley has shown to be an assertive and persuasive Detachment leader in the realm of fundraising tasks assigned by the Detachment Commandant.

The skills required of the person to possess, for these year-round projects, must show an active fortitude which is "a strong need to get things done" - Patti has been more than willing to, and in most scenarios working alone, taken on this resolve to produce excellent results for the goals and objectives of fundraising requirements.

Fundraising projects undertaken by Patti show her to be emphatic and flexible, as well as strong in interpersonal capabilities, enabling her to gain loyalties from the various stakeholders that contribute to the fundraising objectives of this Detachment's charity events.

One would think that fundraising for charities would not have many obstacles? This Detachment is deeply involved in this overture. Patti oversees the fundraising process with online collections, surveys, "feet on the ground" collection activities, organizing cash, and writing up records. Most certainly, raising money for Detachment charities is great fun, but it is a lot of work. Patti is passionate about our charity fundraisers. She has encompassed herself with many friendships, attracted reliable sponsorships and built a substantial base of Detachment supporters.

Patti has made a real difference in the lives of many Marines and their families through her mentorship of this Detachment's charity programs. Patti is a very good match for us. Her vision of fundraising is unmatched. She has created a collaborative Detachment environment, has implemented charity projects that Detachment members have served in, and accomplished the projected fundraising missions.

Patti Findley possesses the requisite building block strategies that are standard for a successful leader. She demonstrates a rational and emotional intelligence norm to logically implement those charity events prioritized by this Detachment.

Congratulations Patti for being selected Associate Marine of the Year.